Welcome to the world of photography by Darshan Rathod Follo me:

instructionHey, Its me ! image01A heritage light image02When kite flying day comes

About Me,


I am one of the beginer photographer from India.
Born in Bhavnagar,India, I fell in love with the creative process. Then I started graphic design / webdesign as a job for 2 year and now doing job as full time freelancer, visit Darshanrathod.me, in 2011.

I really only began taking pictures to bring fun with friends and also into my design work and I realized that photography was one of mine true passion. So with the freelancer job I also move professionaly for photography never looked back.

image03Beauty of architecture image01laughing couple image02Beauty of temple image03Blackbuck image01Indian Roller image02Its time to go home image03Hard worker image01Around us image02Historical grinder

I am Also Graphic designer

Contact me for any graphics design work at darshanrathod.me, I do pretty design for website, corporate identity or any product you make to beautiful.

image03With morning due image01Ravan dahan day image02How sweet? image03Colors of ahmedabad image01At the corner of art image02Beauty at port image03No fear image01In search of divine image02Feeling of nature image03Raws of diyas image01flower for you image02Typical toys image03Pelican take off image01flying pelican image02As wide as possible image03Night heroean image01Little bird on road image02Killer eagle image03Red eye image01Keep us alive image02Diwali times image03God is nowhere(now here) image01Taziya image02 Shining morning image03Festival of kite image01People image02Brave lady image03Typical village image01Hiding sun image02Ready for kits image03Pelican to be fresh image01Big familis image02Quite close image03Beauty is everywhere image01Now what to do? image02out of the drop image03Happy friends image01Joy image02Go Goa image03From the sky image01Lets make home image01Silience of church image01White beauty image01morning due image01King of fishing image01Into the desert